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I'm from China.Forgive my poor EnglishI want to ask you guys, how did you get this cactus?I wandered in this stupid desert for three hours.Even found hidden levels.



this is secret room 

you can go in this rock


How can i get a burger?

Burguer shop next to school, close to the arcade


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Go to base 69 and walk to the left u gona find a cave, get in and out, them u should drop in the front cliff

Go down the ramp and enter in this other cave, u gona end up on the cactus with a flower



Im stuck in the lake and cant seem to get out. Help? I jumped on the log then on the fence and sprint jumped to those trees and then proceeded to go up while hugging the left wall.


You're a genius 😂

Also, does anyone know if this update can use old saves or not?

Does anyone know if and where there's a change log? I'm curious to read what's new




how do I save my progress? (I need to uninstall due to storage problems) 

It should be saved in a folder somewhere. From memory, I think it saves somewhere in the folders the executable lives in. If not, check appdata. Then you just copy and paste that. The files look like "dandy_0.bin" "dandy_1.bin" etc. The config file should be in there too




In android, how do I move boxes? I'm trying to do the 'say cheese' quest


How do I get deep throat to show up?

Go to the Hospital at night

How I can get quest .I have completed 95% of the quest.

Not to sure I'm at 98% u do the teachers quest line it's all side quests

Also with the android controls and minigames, I found it hard but that's good, great job making a good old fashioned game. 

Could you make the save data accessible in android, i have to move phones and im going to lose progress. To the android/data


This is one of the best adult games I've played in years bud. The mini games are such solid throwbacks to games I grew up with, and keeping them infuriating difficult makes it even more satisfying. I swear I played the computer game for long enough I forgot there were boobs in this game. But when you win one and get that reward it is so much more satisfying. Please don't drop that! The wild mix between old school NES games and Frank's adventure are putting this in my hall of fame. If I had a criticism, the only thing I can come up with is that I'd want more spying. Amy peeing was top notch *chef's kiss*. More of that might actually kill me though.


How I can get the wrench?

Don't worry, now I know how to get it...


How do we use cheat codes

How do we find peyote? 

So was the cave next to the shop moved? because the tree that the cave is normally behind isn't there anymore.

There's no cave near the shop, i've done the same error. It's near Mindie on the left.

Tem data pra atualizar?

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How to complete quest of dude, fix my car

Buy it in the mall or stole red's engine instead


How do you complete the "Boys" quest??


so im playing on a save i made a while back but the shady man doesnt want to show up and quest are reactivating so i think it might be bugged


I'm having the same problem, I think its just save files just over lapping with the new version or something

idk im not the game dev

Please put more quest to skye robertson

Please help the games not even downloading

Hi guys I'm loving the game so far, amazing, do u have any recommendations to play for Android similar to this?

Ok so is there any way to cheat on Eye of the Tiger (3). I already used the vitamin but can't quite make it.
It's probably a matter of me being bad at games but I'd like to know none the less.


Also the music. It changes so quickly and strangely when you talk to someone or change location. Idk it's just so distracting to me. Why change it so frequently without any reason?

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My eyes hurt because of this new colored diaglogs, why did you do this???

I like the color but they should use less saturated colors

I like everyone's dialogue boxes except for Tess'. The yellow is a good color for her. But her actual dialogue should be black. Because white on yellow is painful.


Alguém sabe como fazer a missão da mina de cabelo azul? Que tem que pegar algo pra ela na escola


How to find zabrina tickets?

Next to the smartshop (on the left) there'sa guy that sells beer he has the ticket


what was updated?

I just want to know how to trigger the Halloween Party in School, the first time I triggered but I go to the desert, and I think I lose it, but in a new game I can't trigger anymore

Where are the thieves?


here you go

Thanks mate btw how do you find the zabrina tickets?

Next to the smartshop (on the left) there'sa guy that sells beer he has the ticket

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where can i find zabrina's tickets, i went all over the map asking ppl for them with no luck. please help.

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the game isn't opening and i have downloaded it like 3 times can someone please help

i have a windows 10 8gb ram system so idk what the problem is

I'm having the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

the problem was my laptop generation it's a 2nd gen laptop and the game requires something second gen laptops dont have....had to run it on another laptop

if you want to know its open gl 3.1 or higher

hope that helps

you can upgrade your graphics driver, it'll help

is there no more controller support ?

because i cant use mine in the last update it worked fine :(

I can't talk to Melissa it says "ERROR"


Any ntr in this and what kind of drugs do they use?




About the halloween event

Can anyone tell me the place for 5 ticket ( Can't find the last one )


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