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How do you leave the Ranch area, I am stuck and nothing is progressing.

How will update game without loosing any progress

Copy the save files, form the save directory and repaste them. But I don't think you should lose progress while updating.

The Wiki says the Current Version in but itch says so where is the new update (and Steam Version)?

creo que es el que está en Patreon (creo)

logré terminar al 100% el juego hasta ahora, espero q la próxima actualización salga pronto :D

como lo lograste?

haciendo todas las misiones que me dan xd, si ya no te aparecen, ve hacia donde están los personajes, por ejemplo, el amigo gordo (no me acuerdo el nombre) tiene misiones que no aparecen en el menú, las misiones son para tener secso con su madre, y otra mision oculta por ejemplo es la de "mama" en busca de "papa" en el desierto

pero como la consigo 

conseguir que

la mision de buscar al papa 

para conseguir el trabajo es ir de la construcion arriba del hospital buscas una puerta azul y entras y hablas con las primera persona

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For some reason I can't download due to virus scan failed? I don't know why but I download though here before.


The fullscreen option isn't great you should be able to choose the image size

for some reason, it wont let me progress melissas quest. i completed the job quest, but alex still says he has no luck finding one when he speaks to her


I got this issue too . Have you got any fix?


When is the next update coming-out

Yeah When is the Steam Release.

the only, not very convenient control, for example, in Erica's races it was difficult to catch these stars

I personally didn’t find any bugs (I play on the phone), I completed 47% of the quests, I’m waiting for the update and I’ll only be with Erika)

Unless I'm missing something here, can you add a quest menu, so I can see what I need to do? And if there is one, what page is it?

Press space to open the menu and then V to navigate to the quest menu.

Thanks. :)

What happens if I steal the battery vs buying it. does it change the story?

It doesn't really change the story except for a few lines, but stealing the battery lowers your karma

Oh, ok thanks.


Hi  can't find a way to start the quest "Casanova" , some help? In the Fandom there is written you have to ask on a date in the previous quest, but there wasn't an option on that... 

Is there a way to view the animations in like a gallery instead of just the images one in the menu

So the last supper quest is broken I go into the cemetery and red isn't there I looked everywhere and tried every crypt I even went into the wiki but it doesn't tell you what to do on there either and I don't want to restart my whole game cus I'm almost to the end someone tell me what I'm doing wrong

hes at the very very top of it

i cant find papa can someone help me

you have to walk in the desert and you can find him, i find him close to ghost town (the abandoned houses on desert

how do i do the Halloween event not in the cemetery 

hardstuck in the last supper quest. i got the key but i messed up the little boxes and now its impossible to get back up to the door lma

hit esc and press load to load game back to where you were before you moved them


Great game but cheats are required.

this game honestly is one of the best nsfw games out there and for a good while i had put off playing it because the art style did not grab my intro yet i gave it a go eventually and ended up almost finishing the whole game but fully complete the main game (so far) and it was great! Story as well written as a nsfw game should be and actual characters not just a random thing saying words. I do have to say though although you may be able to play the game without cheats this gane takes 8 hours to complete alone let allone collecting money and stuff expecially for some of the quests and coins are not common in the first place leading to you skipping days and days just collecting coins. Some of the quests are a bit confusing because within buildings the quest arrow does not show where you need to go to so it may point to the school for example and tell you to talk to someone yet you dont know when a person is in school, what day they are in and where they are within it.

hey people who know how i can go to the Beagle Beach?


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So when is the steam Release seen people talk about it but haven't seen any info on it?


Who is the second person that Alex can masturbate to, and how do you unlock that scene?


That might be in the next update. I think they put the professor on there as a test as it's probably their first time using something like that. They may add more girls on the masturbation list.


Is there any way to change the difficulty for a save? I'm having a lot of trouble completing the sliding puzzle and I just really want to beat it.

unfortunatetly you cant change the difficulty. the sliding one is by far the easiest tho if you know to to solve those puzzles. just search for a tutorial on youtube and youll get the sliding one basically instantly.

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were do i can find zabrina tickets?? i mean mr. yy isn't next to the shop and i already did the five finger discount quest, also the milk quest doesnt work, i give the milk to melissa and she just says error

start new game old save file not work


Add Portuguese Language please.

How do I know when the game gets an update? Does it automatically update or do I need to redownload the game?


Go to the Page of the game and click in more information, look when It was the last update and if It is updated, download the update and the game just do al the work

If you have the itch app I will tel you if there is an update every-time you open the page or downloads.

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I'm on mobile so I can't get the app. Is there a button to update the game on browser?


I'm not sure who got sensitive enough to dislike my reply lol

Una pregunta hay algun otro evento especial aparte de hallowen y hay alguna interaccion con la chica zorro o la fantasma del sotano y cuando te masturbas aparacen otra casilla ademas de la maestra quien es se puede desbloquear 

Is there no DX password for android version?

Whats the secondary currency in the game not the gold coins but the other one and how do I use them?

Esa moneda sirve para el mercado negro del juego, el mercado negro lo encuentras en el lugar de trabajo en la noche, también hay otra en la cripta del evento de Halloween, para que la ubiques más fácil, siempre tienen una antorcha de fuego verde/azul al lado

I have no idea what you just said

That currency is obtained by completing the missions, and they are used to buy things on the black market, currently there are two locations to find them, in the workplace on the right and in the crypt From the Halloween event, you can easily locate them with a blue or green torch


Will there be Chinese in the future

How do you get the wrench? I see it outside the warehouse, but can't think of a way to get it.

Look for a cave behind some trees.



Como se completa la mision de hallowen y cuales son los pasos

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Es fácil el evento de halloween solo tenés que encontrar los 5 vouchers dorados que uno está escondido y los otros te los dan los puestos del lugar y si necesitas más info si buscas en internet seguro te sale

ok ya lo complete entonces pero como cuando uno quiere salir le dice q es evento de solo una vez por eso me preocupava pero estoy trabado en el 98% del juego q me faltaria alguna sujerencia

Si hiciste eso ya está aunque tenés la calabera en la cripta también pero esa misión la podés hacer cuando quieras si tenes la llave de esa cripta


si pero como lo completo al 100%

Para hacer al 100% el evento de halloween solo tenés que hacer lo que te dije pero si te referís al juego son todas las misiones incluyendo la de conseguir todos los fósiles que esa es la más paja de hacer

No sé si ya habrás completado la misión de muerte por snu snu Bro 


Quizás te falte algún rompecabezas de la clase de computación?

Cuándo sale la nueva actualización??

Alguien sabe cuando sale la proxima actualizacion y como se completa la mision de halowin 

La próxima actualización no sé cuándo sale, sobre la de la misión de Halloween tienes que conseguir 5 vouchers que se consiguen en los juegos de la fiesta (4) y uno está escondido

Ya la ise tambien pero siempre estoy en 98% ustedes ya lo compmetaron al 100

yo ya Bro, ahora sí que si no sabes, wachate la wiki que hay en Google 

lo ise y peor es la cosa menos informacion me dan por eso pregunto por aqui pero como no sabrie decir q misiones e echo y cuales no 

I love this gane and cant waot for the next update for more content

my fathers footsteps quest is bugged, I already did that in an older build but it say I have to do it again but i cant cz the event was already triggered. Also the shopsmart thief guy isn't there. I did the quest in an older build as well and he was there then.

jump on red fence on left shop mart to catch thief, start new game so not bugged

I am not gonna start a new game I have 95% percent 

Well thank you. I was about to start a new game and see if they would go to the cave or if i was goimg to need to ask wtf was going on.

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