A downloadable adult game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Dandy Boy Adventures is a high-quality adult adventure game with sim dating & RPG elements!


Dandy Boy Adventures is running on it's own powerful 3D engine with beautiful 
axonometric 2D graphics rendered into it. This makes the gameplay extremely smooth and diverse!

During the development the game will be free, but our patrons gain access to  the latest build earlier. Our patrons will receive the DX password whenever 
an update is released. The password will unlock the cheats menu and lets you  skip difficult minigames/challenges.

The game is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.
Supporting us will make the development not only possible, but faster!


* 10+ hours of gameplay
* 40+ characters to befriend & romance
* Animated scenes
* Fullscreen cutscenes
* Relationship system
* Main quest and a lots of side quests
* Modern RPG like quest system
* Job system
* Challenging minigames & puzzles
* Day / Night & Weekday system 
* Lots of collectables & secrets
* Playable old school video games 

System requirements
Windows 7 +/ Mac OS 10.14 Mojave +
1.5 gb of RAM
OpenGL 2.1

Updated 27 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(859 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, Adult, Erotic, Male protagonist, Open World, Pixel Art, Retro, Romance


DBA 0.6 WINDOWS (Old Version) 217 MB
DBA 0.6 ANDROID (Old Version) 228 MB
DBA 0.6 MAC (Old Version) 218 MB
DBA 0.6 LINUX (Old Version) 212 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR WINDOWS 29 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR MAC 36 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR LINUX 28 MB


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Can anyone help me, I can't seem to find the guy to sell me the tickets for Amy, in the new update 

i think its really stupid that the Linux version needs to be run through the terminal. A lot of Linux games can run without using the terminal. Since the Terminal is required to run the game you cant use launchers like steam/gamescope from the Steamdeck

On steam deck use the windows version with ge-proton runs perfectly fine


I did it, it's a great game


¿para cunados otros idiomas ?


ya dijo en twitter que no lo hara


bueno nos tocara a los fan traducirlo


¿Qué actualizaron de nuevo? Descargué el app y lo instalé y todo sigue igual ):

when will other languages be added?

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When I open the game on the latest mac version, my game crashes after launching and saying something about "Sinners dont use cheats". Anyone know what to do?

I have to redo everythin cause my save is all fucked up. Can someone remind me what triggers the King of Kong quest?


i need help to get this game to run on steam deck.

Download the windows version and add it to steam. Then use compatibility mode ND use proton-ge

How do I get the fifth voucher? Instead of winning the voucher at the coffin game it gives me money, it's the only one that i didn't get the voucher from





Quite literally the most absurd puzzle sliders I've ever played. 200 moves later and I still can't get the cunt to line up right.


I need a save file, i managed to finish everything but I don't want to redo all again

Where did the cave go from behind the shop smart?

its over by the dig site in the town behind some trees


New update??

is there a walkthough? im not use to open world game sorry


I use the wiki to see what quests to follow.


what do I do to trigger the saturday night fever quest?

Image 7 in a nutshell; don’t dare rollin’ on somebody with an afro.

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any one got a completed save i can use from the pervious version so i can experience the new stuff without having to redo the old stuff also why did the main characters hair color change

What is updated in this version

One update i'm particuarly hoping for too, is our other stats mattering in cutscenes. getting kinda tired of our protagonist getting knocked out (or to be fair Cold-cocked) most of the time.


How can i import an old save to a new version of this game?


I booted up an old save in a new updated version of the game, and it seems to be repeating old quests while new ones are still active, resulting in having two of the same character, also the game sometimes acts as if i didnt have an item i have for sure, so i get softlocked out of some quests


I fucking LOVE this game. i wish there was a way to know when it got updated tho.


Patreon (follow)


was the only update the hair change?


so when will the new update coming out or is it already out??

Who can tell me where and how to do the remaining 3% tasks

im at 90% completion and cant find anything else to do. also i keep hearing about a "secret behind the shopmart" and nothings there...


Steam had to ruin the best part about our guy. His hair was epic. Now it's just bland brown. I'm going to miss the vibrant red. Just a thought popped in my brain right now. Hair dyes. Something small but it could work.

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i already miss the red hair


A question that contains the new update or when it comes out?


Why is his hair brown now?


His hair was changed to brown after his father, Steam dosn't allow porn games with the subjects involving "direct" incest  so it's to make your realtionship with your housemate more "Vauge"




Eh. I preferred his previous color but then I don't mind it as I'm not much into your character fucking his literal mother, and it was difficult to seriously pretend otherwise with everyone having the same hair. Why does that has to be in every damn game?


Now we can happily pretend he is merely screwing all of his close and extended step family, yay, it is just somewhat less fucked up!

I downloaded the game and it's still red, it is also not on steam

(1 edit) (+1)

 The change is going to be implemented in future updates, and the change is for it to get ON steam. (it hasn't been processed yet)


Someone know that code to skip in win10? I had it before but I can't seem to find it in my screenshots. Im stuck on the bootlegging business.. that part where you have to drive.. pls if anyone knows it, pls tell me...

If you have home delivery and date night both active and go on the date with rose when you go to your house with her the mission will glitch and Mrs B's question will activate and cut the mission off and you'll still have the date night quest still there and you can't 100% the game because you can't complete the quest

If you leave your room and go back in the quest continues

i have a question uhhhm in the part of the map where the mc's house is and like and south of the map where the ad signs for the beach. did for anyone else appear like obey there then changed screen and it was gone? is that part of the game or just a easter egg?


How do I get the beers for Amy (the girl you looks like a genderbend version of your character)

First you do the quest five finger discount, you can find the guys near the shopmarket at afternoon (on the ledge near the zabrina sign) I kinda forgot, then after that you go to amy

Stuck in the dungeon...help


Please have this game added to steam! I would purchase it on steam, and donate money to help get it there. I'm sure a lot of us would. Steam needs this game!


i really like the game ... will pregnancy be added in the future?

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