A downloadable adult game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Dandy Boy Adventures is a high-quality adult adventure game with sim dating & RPG elements!


Dandy Boy Adventures is running on it's own powerful 3D engine with beautiful 
axonometric 2D graphics rendered into it. This makes the gameplay extremely smooth and diverse!

During the development the game will be free, but our patrons gain access to  the latest build earlier. Our patrons will receive the DX password whenever 
an update is released. The password will unlock the cheats menu and lets you  skip difficult minigames/challenges.

The game is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.
Supporting us will make the development not only possible, but faster!


* 10+ hours of gameplay
* 40+ characters to befriend & romance
* Animated scenes
* Fullscreen cutscenes
* Relationship system
* Main quest and a lots of side quests
* Modern RPG like quest system
* Job system
* Challenging minigames & puzzles
* Day / Night & Weekday system 
* Lots of collectables & secrets
* Playable old school video games 

System requirements
Windows 7 +/ Mac OS 10.14 Mojave +
1.5 gb of RAM
OpenGL 2.1


DBA 0.6 WINDOWS (Old Version) 217 MB
DBA 0.6 ANDROID (Old Version) 228 MB
DBA 0.6 MAC (Old Version) 218 MB
DBA 0.6 LINUX (Old Version) 212 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR WINDOWS 29 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR MAC 36 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR LINUX 28 MB


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where i can find the last 2 mushroom?

boys mission? cant find how to complete anywher

You need to get 500 money and then talk to the guy that sells you alcohol next to ShopSmart.

How do I start the "Finders Keepers" questline. I can't figure out how to trigger it. It's the last questline I need to 100%.

so I went to the construction site too and it just lead me to where the wrench is I actually downloaded the older version and I’m playing the story on that verson then I’m going to finish the story with the updates on the new verson, the save files seem to transfer over for me


With the last 6.5 upadte i cannot go the deseet,i mean, i already did the quest x-files but the day after the landlady didn't bring me there.There is also a problem with her who keeps ask me if i found job(quest already compeleted).Is there something am i missing???


what is Dandy VRNR WINDOW???????

is there a playthrough?????

so I downloaded the 6.5 update and started over, I’m stuck on five finger discount the cave isn’t by the shop mart, what should I do?

The cave near shop mart got moved near the construction site.

you can go over cliff by jumping up on the red brick wall next to zabrina billboard. Check older comments. Someone mentioned it better than me.

Bookworm How to find the student?

Is the story based off sumertime saga?

I dont think so...

Does anyone know how to get wrench?? It's on the warehouse boxes. Maybe i can get it with small box next to building but dunno how to get it.


Up where the campfire is at is a small box somewhere on the construction site, which you need to push down and over to the wrench then you can climb up and get it, its a little finnicky but not impossible. (Im going of my memory with this sorry if it turns out to be wrong)

Oh thx!! I managed it yesterday, you're half right lol. There's a cave enterance below construction site cliff. it's hidden behind trees. you go inside, campfire's burning lol. And outside, you can go to cliff where small box is located!

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I'm playing this game on mobile, and the minigame moonshine run do not work properly because I can't collect the gasoline '-'

Please update this game and put more missions 🙂😭

Can someone tell me where can i get new mission sorry my poor English 🙂

I'm stuck at 98% help please. 

Is there a secret for getting 100% on a save or was that on some older builds

Did you do the secret side quest death by snu snu?

yea I did all of em but was trying to figure out what this secret thing I saw people talking about was

Does this game have gay romance?


Ok ty♥️

Where do i find 

the tickets from the "boys" quest?


you need to ask every person on the city

Where can i buy the beers?

Walk at night or midnight and go to the shop mart... there's a person standing there besides the shop

I found him, he is just sleeping


man this game is amazing. I'm from Brazil and would love it if it had a Portuguese translation

Hey guys, I'm really enjoying the game it's so much fun ! 

However I can't seem to find the cave in the suburbs where the night merchant is supposed to be... Can someone help me?

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The cave is from an older build, instead if you go to the left of the mart you can see the kids hanging on a cliff. If you first jump on a wall nearby you can parkour up there. If you have further questions you can check the wiki.


How long till the next update cause this game is so fun i almost throw my phone because of that puzzle, car and running minigame but after that it's all good i accidentally choose hard that's why i have to go through those minigames but i really hope there's discord channel so i can get updated if they have new update ig i have to wait and check itch every day

When you finished Amy and Mary story, some dude will apear and if you ask him where are the christmas stuff he says the creator has some more ideas and maybe he will release the next update on the holydays

Yeah, i already finished the game except for the woman in museum where you collects fossils but it's so slow that's why i already uninstall it

Is there really a voucher on the strength and if there is and how can I get it I played it alot and I cant get it please help ;^;

There is, you just need to play until you get the ghost and pumpkin to line up. Took me a handful of tries but you can always get more coins by going to the loan shark out front and then the coffin game.

I've been looking for eight sheets of paper for a long time. Where's the last one? You this is not make people state of mind? Who can help?

It's in lake behind the three i also got confused where's the last paper and i search through youtune

Where are the  theree people?can you give me a picture?


There is also a wiki that has photos.


Anyone know how to replay Erika's scenes once you've finished her quest line

You go to her house. It's in your neighbourhood

Yeah it seems that entering the house is disabled on this build though, I walk up to the door and there's no prompt to enter.


I like this game very much. But why is everything in the gallery just pictures? Can you add an animation?


amazing, the scenarios the music the gameplay the story the ester eggs, as soon as i started playing i couldn't stop, i loved the experience of playing this game ( i'm not talking about hentai lol) this game really exceeded my expectations, keep up the good work , I will help with the development as I can.


I agree with you i hope there's another game just like this it's really cool rpg when i downloaded it and start playing it i can't stop playing until I'm in the end of the game still 90% cause i have to collect fossils and btw how do i use the demon girl in the chest cause i luckily dug up her in desert 

Go to your room

And masturbate


100% boyz, my experience was dope, the game is very smooth, the work done its very large, props to the team, have special talent for this kind of game, wall the scenes its well made the animation its very good, i think i would ad more bounce elements but take a lot of time for this, and future i would ad possibility to change the main caracter color hair and t-shirt make more personal but, also take a lot time to make variantions of the same scene animation etc, i rather like the team put effort to realease the next chapter, im curious to continue the missions that is for the next build, and i would pay for play the game if was just a short demo, like the first missions with u friend mom and done there, depending how much money cost, i think 25 bucks would be nice for this game, i play the entire game in mute and for my personal experience was better than with sound

How can i get some burger for death by snu snu quest?

In the burguer shop next to the school, u have to get 12 i think

When will the next update be? Soon or still to wait?

I don't see the Halloween festival anymore, what should I do?

visit the cemetery

That's not a one time event 

Deleted 12 days ago

Normal here


It feels good to run and jump while traversing the map. Is there a soundtrack list for the game? The carnival night theme in the cemetery left a great impression on me.


where is cave behind the shop because i was told it was behind trees but i went behind every tree near the shop but i couldnt find the cave

There no cave, used to be, but they change, u have to jump in the fence next to the cliff them jump above and talk with the beer burglars

Anyone please help me i can't find papa from side quest death by snu snu


Just search all the desert

How is this on android?

Good i recommend it

I cant find desert. Could anyone help me please?

Story Progression

Fix Mel's car -> talk to her in garage -> go to ranch -> go north

  • 有人知道爸爸在哪里吗

Does anyone know how to get zabrina tickets? I Need help fast

go to the guy to the side of the shop market he sell beer and the tickets.


When does he show up?

Have a quest, tgat 2 guyz stole beer from the market, they are on left side on a cliff, u have to go there and talk to them to go up there u need to jump in the fence them jump on the cliff

i did that

At night

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