A downloadable adult game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Dandy Boy Adventures is a high-quality adult adventure game with sim dating & RPG elements!


Dandy Boy Adventures is running on it's own powerful 3D engine with beautiful 
axonometric 2D graphics rendered into it. This makes the gameplay extremely smooth and diverse!

During the development the game will be free, but our patrons gain access to  the latest build earlier. Our patrons will receive the DX password whenever 
an update is released. The password will unlock the cheats menu and lets you  skip difficult minigames/challenges.

The game is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.
Supporting us will make the development not only possible, but faster!


* 10+ hours of gameplay
* 40+ characters to befriend & romance
* Animated scenes
* Fullscreen cutscenes
* Relationship system
* Main quest and a lots of side quests
* Modern RPG like quest system
* Job system
* Challenging minigames & puzzles
* Day / Night & Weekday system 
* Lots of collectables & secrets
* Playable old school video games 

System requirements
Windows 7 +/ Mac OS 10.14 Mojave +
1.5 gb of RAM
OpenGL 2.1


DBA 0.5.7 WINDOWS 170 MB
DBA 0.5.7 MAC 170 MB
DBA 0.5.7 LINUX 163 MB
DBA 0.5.7 ANDROID 179 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR WINDOWS 29 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR MAC 36 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR LINUX 28 MB


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It doesn't open for me


For the ppl who keep bitching about how hard the game is, I've played all of the mini games on mobile. I even beat the running track without the speed boost, so just get good instead of whining.


Typical "get good" moron response. The mini games are challenging. No reason to make a stupid shit post to disregard the fact that they are challenging/hard. There is a difference between saying something is challenging/hard versus impossible. So your post of being able to do it is base idiocy serving to help nothing and no one. Either an actual strategy can come out your mouth or you can gtfo. Saying "I did it" translates into nothing but subjective garbage. Get smart, Get helpful or see yourself out.


telling you how is cheating in my book. but really you just have to get the hitboxes. which are actually kind of big for the stars. You can even jump over them and get hem, hint hint, and keep going. just plan out your run beforehand. Will you be able to do it in one go? prolly not. but hey, you have those pills. But honestly "get good" is about the best advice you can get. People are coddled by games, and honestly I'm glad for the arcade levels of challenge presented here. Makes it feel like, ya know, a game. instead of just an interactive animation.

Porque no lo pone en español y buen juego esta muy bien 


This is a very good game, yes. However, one improvement I think would add to it is to LET ME FUCK THE BOYS! Listen, the hot teenage girls and the milfs are great, but you can't just make all of the guys in your game hot and then not let me fuck them.

I agree with you and there could be a toggle for that for the people who don't want to touch those scenes even with a long stick. 

While I'm here, I'll tell my own suggestion: more outfit customisation like colours and/or at least slightly different clothes. 

In the hillbilly quest how do you get over the ledge to the party ?

go through a cave and then just go through it

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What can i say. This game is great apart from having to remap the controls. Im glad that it has controller support which helped me out abit since my keyboard sucks. overall this game is a 10/10. Great puzzles, amazing game play, awesome design, great characters and amazing scenes <3 Also "High-Quality adult adventure" is the best way to describe this game

This needs to be on steam. I made an account on this website just to make this comment but this is the best adult game I've ever played and it needs more attention. I'm super excited to see what's next

Where is the save folder? I wan't to play this game on my laptop but when I copy the game folder, and paste it on my laptop, there's no savegames

I can't really finish the side quest "Blackout". Cause there aren't any boxes to push to get to the gascan. I can't tell if its because am on mobile or if its a bug. I hope someone answer this cause idk where i should ask for help.

You have to jump on the the box in the lower left corner then jump to the box to the right of it. it's pretty much just jumping box from box 

Tomara que atualize logo já zerei o jogo faz tempo e até hj nada de novo 

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Im having a blast with this game. Love the art style, the characters, town and lewdness lol. But yea woah, I don't even care about the sexual stuff compared to how fun this title is! Wonderful job, Id recommend this to just about anyone...come to think of it X3, I think ppl who like say Stardew Valley (because of the whole, interacting with the town and ppl in it) would like this 2.  "A high quality adult adventure", I have to say its so true!

What is the bonus game?

im 92% in progress. What are the quest that i havent done yet??

finished quest
Main quests:

my dear sister, got milk?, mary jane, school's out... NOT!, Swimming club, moist action, gate-crasher, tattletale, blue haired devil, bad touch, pool party, bookworm, sand in my toes, confrontation, eye of the tiger!, dex's laboratory, frisky business, saturday night fever, pitching a tent, taking notes, quality time, jackstrap, casanova, getting tipsy, fetchers quest, x-files, long time no see, a cock for your thoughts, greasy tales, chicken run, bucket challenge, in father's footsteps, king of kong, men at work, call on me, blue balls, paparazzo, dude fix my car, last supper, sushi rolls, day after tomorrow, fun gus, hillbilly, finders keepers, cinderella, study budy, makeup artist, winners and sinners, crying game, fistful of problems, and date night.

side quests:

peeping tom, skull halloween, candyman can, examination, five finger discount, shady business, pecking order, digger, lost oasis, bum loving action, bones' tales, jingle balls, light my fire, gnome regrets, sweetheart, log out, blackout, celebrity city, death by snu snu, and bad to the bone (in progress).

These are all quests and what you need to do for them

Where can i find dandy boy discord?


bruh 3rd run u have to be pixel perfect. dandy must be madeline's brother (from celeste.)

and it feels good right? planning out your run, getting each star as you go by, and eventually getting so good that you have 3 seconds left AFTER the third run. Feels good man

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Can someone help im stuck at the "Say cheese" minigame. Cant get the 2 rats on top of the platforms.

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moonshine runner in a nutshell: unavoidable barrier that instantly lets u lose the game, u need to collect gasoline along the way, a car popping out of nowhere and its so long. im taking forever in this mini game.

you avoid it by going off the road

I am actually stuck on the say cheese minigame, and I see people saying the other minigames are harder. It's almost not even fun anymore. Any tips to at least pass the say cheese/ collect rats minigame? Thanks

I'm also stuck at the second run minigame so at this point I'm done trying to progress. FYI been at both for a couple days each, and although the art for this game is really good, there should at least be different selectable difficulties. Also if I have to restart every update? Fuck nah. Tldr; great artwork and animation, but it's hardlocked by the sweatiest minigames I've ever seen. 

How i progress with asuka?

did teacher had any quest?

No I dont think she does yet

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How do I update it I d iko not wanna lose my progress am at 97 percent (edit nvm I got it)

Where did you get the update?

all you have to do is download the game file again and it will update it you can delete the file after

i meant where did you get the update file? i cant see any update file on the page there is only 5.7 as the latest version.

so there is no update file you just redownload the game and it updates the one you already downloaded 

where can i find the papa?in the desert?

Will there be a Steam version? I'd definitively buy it.


did this game have any cheats?

Advice for anyone struggling with the third race:
1) Get the vitamin-XXX before starting, from the guy that sells beer next to the store BUT BE CAREFUL, you can only drink it once per race, so save before attempting the race. Before attempting the race it will ask you if you want to drink it.

2) Believe it or not, the race is FAR more easy if you go the other way around, at least for me. Instead of going right at the beginning, go left, believe, it did a really significant difference, at least for me, as long as you get every star you shouldn't have any problem

someone pls tell me how to skip the 3rd run challenge

You can't as far as I know, but if you find a way let me know because I'm on mobile and it's hard af

I didn't find a way but I did find a way to make it easier. You can go and get the Vitamin-XXX from the beer guy next to the store and it will make you go faster ( I think it also adds 5 seconds to the timer as well).

since I'm on mobile idk how to drink it

just start the challenge and it will ask you if you want to drink it

I was about to go try that out but I forgot I'm stuck at the cabin still

where do I find previous versions of the game?


How do i trigger the school halloween event im already at 100% but it seems i cant find a way to trigger it?


Alot of people on here seem to be forgetting something. It's a GAME, meaning that the minigames are meant to be challenging and good, you shouldn't be able to just stroll through it and beat it with no effort. And then there are some who "can't seem to find the desert" have you tried playing through the quests? The creator did good by separating the game like this because it makes it to where you can't just do a speedrun fuckfest. It's actually a game instead of just interactive porn. Get good scrubs, and actually appreciate the effort that went into making the game fun, challenging, and charming as it is.


It stops being fun when people have to spend 3 weeks on a single challenge because of how difficult it is. It should be fun, not infuriating. This isn't some ultra hardcore survival game, it's a porn game, you do quests and complete tasks, and in return, you get to see a few sex scenes and nude art, but those tasks should not be so difficult to the point where people want to quit the game because the rewards just don't seem worth it for the amount of effort you put in. The game is fantastic enough without ultra-hard challenges like the final sprint thing, and when there are dozens of people complaining about the difficulty of a certain thing, it stops being a thing of people just not being good enough and the challenge just being a tad too difficult for the people who wish to play the game. Some people just want to play the game casually instead of wanting to pull their hair out over a tiny minigame. 

This guy gets it


But theres a difference between it being a PORN game and eing a porn GAME. the game side of it comes first, and as a game which is actually challenging and needing the player to actually pay attention instead of just have their dick in their hand the whole time, this game succeeds. I love the way he's done it, and honestly YOU should take it as a challenge. Use your noggin. Can't complete the race just by flicking he stick around? Plan out your route, know the hitboxes of the starts, don't try to rush too much or youll miss one, jump at the right times and PRACTICE. That's not a difficult concept. In fact, for the race it kind of mirrors the actual process of getting good at running really. Do it over and over and over again till you mentally know everything you need to do, you're comfortable with the motions, and you finally beat your goal. It shouldnt just be as easy as "HURR DURR ME FLICK STICK NOW GIB SEX SCENE"

There is a difference between challenging and unneccasary hard without any possibility to ease it after hundreds of tries. I did it but it let''s me rethink to support the game, if there will be no change or at least a method/setting to ease the gameplay for people who arent as wised in gaming. So people who want the challenge can have it and others aren't forced to. (Maybe stats implementation so you can get faster by training?)


i hate stat systems which make things easier. In fact, if there is an option to make it easier I would rather the sex scene be locked behind the harder option so as to keep out the people looking just to fap to porn. The game is good as it is, nd in fact I hope the creator makes more mini games where you can only win by the skin of your teeth (even though I had 3 extra seconds on the last race challenge)

Where can I get a Shovel? And where is Mary's house?


Keep playing the game. You come to the desert as a natural progression of the game. I like the fact that the creator did that, since it prevents people from trying a speedrun fuckfest


I've logged 4 and half hours and still haven't come across it. I've completed Amy and have no clue on the landlady. I asked for help, not to be told to play more.

Go to the desert and do the desert missions you get the shovel in a mission that gives you skyler, called Digger, which is activated after completing the first race in the moonlight. I hope I've helped

May's house is before the desert as you go through the missions you unlock its location when the protagonist's mother brings you, talk to the protagonist's mother every day and give her gifts this will unlock missions to advance at least I did that and so I unlocked it

Please just make the car chase easier on android I've been doing this for three weeks since my last comment

If you have a controller it makes it a hell of a lot easier for me

when driving hang out around the middle and as soon as you see the arning for the barrier sweep low to get off the road, then back on again. Other than that, its just a matter of collecting gas and staying in the right lane otherwise. 

i cant access most of the story of the game as shown in the page. like i havent got to do mary and i havent got to do traci and i havent even met skyler and alyssa yet. also to find the peyote one person told me that the desseris behind marys house but i havent even been to marys house yet and i still have the peyote quest also i havent got to talk to the girl after i got her the milk like im already at 53% and still havent got to do most of the stuff also i cant find anymore quests i feel like the games bugged for me. please reply if someone knows wheres marys house and also how to meet skyler and alyssa :(

Who all have you worked on? AFAIK access to Mary's house and the content there is locked behind other questline or event triggers

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i dont have any other event to trigger.. i cant talk to the teacher rn and i have also finished the roomates story also i have finished dexs and his moms story also i cant talk with tess coz i already finished that story too. rn the only quest that is active for me is find peyote one and i have the sidequest to find the fossils...

You need to work on Melissa's quest line. She'll be in the kitchen in the morning. If you haven't dealt with her at all she'll send you to the mart for milk. Then visit her at night in the basement, and then after a close encounter of the third kind while you sleep you'll need to look around the hospital at night. Next morning will unlock rippleton desert

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I've done the milk quest, but I can't seen to progress any farther. Do I need to meet some conditons?

EDIT: nvm, You need to do it on a weekday

I already got her the milk in the start of the game. I can't talk to her after that. Does it have to be a certain day to talk to her?

This is what she looks like for me. i cant interact with her. when i go near her a c pops up but pressing c does nothing. also i tried going to the kitchen and basement at all the time and days and still i dont get a trigger for her quest. i have already done the "Got milk?" quest too.

You have to just keep playing the game. There's no speedrun fuckfest.

I cant open the game on windows



May I know what engine is based from?


The running thing is too hard to do on Android add a joystick or something because I have to drag my thumb across the screen and the button thing doesn't work so please just add a joystick I'm loosing my mind over these controls


Like actually the controls here are the most infuriating thing I'm the world, I'm. Doing the track rave thing I'm on number 3 I think and because of the controls I slow down at times and I can't finish the race thing you really need to fix this

It was hard at first I was just about to quit the game when I barely made it so it's possible but it should be easier for mobile players btw I went backwards and did the track

the thing is when I get to the turns I slow down because I have to drag my finger across the screen 


i cant talk with the landlady after i gave her the milk. im already at the mission where i have to find peyote and still cant interact with the landlady. also where do i find the dessert.. idk where the dessert is.

The narrow path behind Mary's house leads to the desert

bruh wheres marys house i havent even met her yet.


just play the game. It comes up as  natural progression.


i cant do anything rather than find peyote rn and i still dont know where marys house is...

also i aint tryna do a speedrun the fucking games bugged for me. like i cant even speak with the landlady even tho i gave her the milk.. im already at 60%

I'm not a 100% sure, but I think you had to surprise the landlady at evening or night, downstairs, or something like that. If you haven't already, try every spot in the house at every different time. I hope this helps 

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