A downloadable adult game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Dandy Boy Adventures is a high-quality adult adventure game with sim dating & RPG elements!


Dandy Boy Adventures is running on it's own powerful 3D engine with beautiful 
axonometric 2D graphics rendered into it. This makes the gameplay extremely smooth and diverse!

During the development the game will be free, but our patrons gain access to  the latest build earlier.

The game is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android.
Supporting us will make the development not only possible, but faster!

You can find our Patreon page here!


* 10+ hours of gameplay
* 40+ characters to befriend & romance
* Animated scenes
* Fullscreen cutscenes
* Relationship system
* Main quest and a lots of side quests
* Modern RPG like quest system
* Job system
* Challenging minigames & puzzles
* Day / Night & Weekday system 
* Lots of collectables & secrets
* Playable old school video games 

System requirements
Windows 7 +/ Mac OS 10.14 Mojave +
1.5 gb of RAM
OpenGL 2.1

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(1,430 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, Adult, Erotic, Male protagonist, Open World, Pixel Art, Retro, Romance


Halloween Adventures 2023 WINDOWS/LINUX 249 MB
Halloween Adventures 2023 ANDROID 260 MB
Halloween Adventures 2023 MAC 254 MB
DBA 0.6 WINDOWS (Old Version) 217 MB
DBA 0.6 ANDROID (Old Version) 228 MB
DBA 0.6 MAC (Old Version) 218 MB
DBA 0.6 LINUX (Old Version) 212 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR WINDOWS 29 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR MAC 36 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR LINUX 28 MB
Bonus Game - Melissa's Holiday Honeypot WINDOWS/LINUX 249 MB
Bonus Game - Melissa's Holiday Honeypot MAC 255 MB
Bonus Game - Melissa's Holiday Honeypot ANDROID 261 MB


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Whens the main game update coming out dawg

Hi guys, how can i clear all gallery and saves? I wanna start full new game through the years

Just delete it, and then download the game again if you play on mobile phones

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Is there a way to get the cards in png format or it already exists ?


Could it be that gay scenes will be added in the future?  This game looks like it belongs here🧐


Guys, I found some kind of bunny girl near the cemetery (appears only in the morning).  Is there any way to interact with her?  She only produces repeated phrases and nothing else.  Maybe some conditions need to be met?

No u cant

What a pity😮‍💨


Today is another Dat Shorts with ya boy Shades! We review Dandy Boy Halloween Adventures with spooky sexy chicks!

Im trying to open the melissa holdiay honeypot on android but it closes immediately every time. This does not happen with the normal dandyboyadventure. Any fix?

Where's the cave behind shop smart in the misión of the shoplifters? 

jump on the small wall on the left as you leave the mart, balance yourselft up to make a jump for the dirt ledge nearby, if that makes any sense

How can one make this jump? When the game doesn't allow jumping in that direction.

jump from the platform on the top left of your screenshot

That much is obvious. 
The jump itself requires a sprint jump towards the bottom left. Which isn't possible in the game. Only sprint jumps possible are left, right, up, down, left up & right up. Down left & down right can't be done.

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change the jump key, use ctrl instead and you can jump in those directions (can't jump in two directions with spacebar)

Actually, it is possible ;). 

i played the game like two years ago and now im unsure if i wanna reply as i didnt finish lol

i just played a little bit, and its awesome! there is a really good potential in this game, i hope some day we can wishlist this game in steam!


Can you add pregnancy?




Is there a way to update the game while keeping your save files, or do I need to start over if I download the newest version? And are all the "Bonus Games" Standalone games?




A more specific answer would be appreciated.



You planned add other language? I just don't understand how to translate your game.

what does "DX ENALBED" do?


Where can i found the peyote

Its in the Desert you have to go Through the caves Until you get to the top 

I was doing Twilight bone Quest i got 4 Vouchers but i need one more but can't find it i think the candy man was Suppose to give to me but he never did so i don't know what to do

For android i have to delete the game to download a new version so i was wondering if my saves will be kept or will they also get deleted with the game



great game, just finished it in 8:30:56

waiting for the update to release

Rookie numbers

true XD

Is there even any sex/nudity in the game? I've tried to look elsewhere online but can't find any videos or images, and would like to know before downloading.

There is. The game starts slow but when you get it going there is enough to satisfy the 16-bit lover in everyone.

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So I've stumbled into a problem. On the very first day of school. None of the options are correct.
The correct option would be the Battle of Mons where it was Canadians vs Germans in Belgium. Where the last casualty of the war was a Canadian. 

The answers are randomized for every person, you can get the answers to the questions in the library

My trick in this one was to save the game before going in to the class so i would have the chance to try every answer to get the correct one

Where do I find Derriere's ghost, I feel like it has something to do with the skull in the basement but I cant figure it out.

if its about a skull im pretty sure its in the cave with the merchant you have to move the boxes to jump on a platform on the right


what i do with hallowen costume on 0.65.1 version?


How long until the next update?

For those who are struggling with the "Say Cheese" mission like I was, when you jump from one box to another, run while jumping. It makes it much easier. When I discovered this, I managed to pass on my first try.

Deleted 21 days ago

from the previous update they changed the whole map it should be this one?

How do you make money again? its been awhile

you can do the job in the warehouse at the top, pick out from trashcans and dumpsters or you can shovel the dirt

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I love the fact one of the gifs on this page is just alex getting into a bicycle incident lfmao

anyone got tips on how to beat the 3rd track minigame? feels like i have to be frame perfect using my keyboard, and i cant do it


Skill issue

It's near impossible, you really do have to be frame perfect. But keep it up!

didn't his hair use to be pink did they change it cause incest?

i think so lmaooo

I'm stuck in the cave in the cemetery part. I have pushed the small boxes and now I can't parkour up to get out. Please help me.

load to autosave

Что перевод на русский сделали 

Перевод нет русский на сделали

Всем лень, или не лень но хочется деньгав, ищи, мб где нибудь задонишь и получишь то что тебе надо

Кстати "Фан" перевода не будет код закрыт)

Ну в курсе, так что жалко тех кто не учит инглиш

Im on Android and i cant move is this on purpose?

I'm on android too but I can move, maybe you need to change the settings

the halloween update is fun but im stuck on the find more clues part for the male ghost as well as finding the clothes for tess trev and erika got any pointers?

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what do i have to do for the asuka and ghost quests im stuck there


which ghost male or female

Amazing game! So much content and great quality.

But the 3rd moonshine mission on Android is absurdly hard lol I think for android version the acceleration should be automatic or at least remove the need for fuel or increase how much you get from cans, cuz gah damn I've tried at least 8x and I always run out of fuel I think just before the end.

Alright for mobile users and maybe desktop, I used my PS5 controller (use any BT controller) and the moonshine mission is stupid easy. 

Dodge as you do, let go of the gas when the road bends so you can pick up the gas cans. Avoid getting hit by cop and you'll make it to the end easy

I had the same problem, there even were times where there weren't any gas cans or they were just outta reach

How am I passing my save on dandy boy adventure, to the last version released? I'm playing on android, on a Xiaomi phone, and I can't pass the save or find him

Someone can help me? When I open the game, it instantly crash! i use the windowns version. but in the halloween version it works.


Does anyone know how to redo the twilight Bone mission cause when it first popped up. I did not have enough money to play the games. And only got 3 out of the 5 tickets and now I'm not sure how if even possible to go back to the carnival.

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i've got some issues, help me pls. when i press load or save button game just flies out

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