A downloadable adult game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dandy Boy Adventures is a high-quality adult adventure game with sim dating & RPG elements!

The game is running on it's own powerful 3D engine with beautiful 2D axonometric graphics rendered into it. This makes the gameplay extremely smooth and diverse!

While in development the game will be free. Our supporters at Patreon will receive new builds earlier and get the DX version that adds more content to the game.

You can find our Patreon page here:

The game will have Windows, Mac OS and Linux builds with other platforms in mind after it's completed.

Supporting the game at Patreon makes the development not only possible but faster and also adds more options for us as we can hire more help!

Planned features:
- Dating/friendship system
- Lots of nudity and adult humor
- Day/Night & Weekday system
- Lots of collectables
- Minigames and puzzles to solve
- Fishing & other jobs to earn cash
- Playable old school video games
- Modern rpg like quest system
- Main quest and a lots of side quests
- Lots of interesting characters


Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR WINDOWS 29 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR MAC 36 MB
Bonus Game - Dandy VRNR LINUX 28 MB
DBA 0.4.2 WINDOWS 162 MB
DBA 0.4.2 MAC 164 MB
DBA 0.4.2 LINUX 161 MB


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Are you planning on releasing an android version?

has anything change  since was 1st released

Is there a way to rename the people after you've already named them? I appreciate being able to change their names, but because it happens right when you meet them before you really learn anything about them it is a bit annoying.

Hey Oni! Love the game so far, just discovered it today.

I would like to ask where can I find the Swim Trunks, having a really hard time finding them.

Keep up the good work!

The swim trunks are on the dock near the lake which is by the library I think. Sorry if you've already got them at this point.

i beat all of the time trails it took me hours finally done

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This game's really great. Given that it has the time trials from hell, it loses a point in my book, but this is among the finest I've played, and I've played quite a few good ones. I just wish for more content, but I understand that game development takes a while.

EDIT: Just downloaded and am playing through the most recent version, and this has become my favorite adult game.

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My game crash when i start the launcher. I've tried to play widescreen, to change de screensize, but nothing works.

The bonus game runs normally

how do i get the wrench ??? I can not take

Took me forever to figure it out myself, but you have to go up from the cave the kids who stole the beer are hiding and push the small board off the hill. Don't push it straight down onto the boxes though, first push it to the left a few feet and then push it down so that you can push it forward to the set of boxes the wrench is on. It might take a few tries if you move the board to the wrong spot, but that's how you get it.

Why is the main character so helpless? like fucks sake nobody tries that hard to let a bully get away with shit, he's so friggin meek.

Outside of those God awful time trials, this is honestly one of the best made adult games I've ever played. All it needs is to be finished and it'd be about perfect.


the third stage is super hard can you make it easier or make the stars hitboxes bigger


is it possible to only go after girls in this game, or can you make it possible to go after red as well in the future XDXDXD

It crashes when attempting to leave the campsite.

and second-stage of running is impossible. 

Do you have a ultra wide 21:9 screen? This is bound to have that problem. If so, try playing it in windowed mode.

OH! Yeah, that ended up working! Thank you!

Well, the game is stopping work when openned...

My to.

Can't solve box slide puzzle in warehouse. ;__; so bad at these. Is there a walkthrough anywhere?


I can't leave the campsite without the game crashing, got soft locked really hard because I hadn't saved in 3 hours and the game autosaved at the campsite. 

im stuck on the first puzle 

I can't beat Challenge 3 in Erika's route

The controls are very finicky during this and if you slip past one star, you may as well give up. I find it hard to believe this route is worth the annoyance.

That being said though, this game is very well made

the art is great an have a lot of personality cant wait see more

My fav adult game hands down ! <3 I adore the world and the beauties in it ! .... been a Patreon for months now ! and enjoying every bit of released update and news bits <3